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What is KobeCertified®?

A KobeCertified email means Trust. The email sender undergoes weeks of testing and constant monitoring to ensure they are adhering and maintaining the highest standards in email marketing.

An email sender is KobeCertified after they have met with stringent regulations at various domains including AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, and United Online, and have implemented authentication technologies such as SPF, DomainKeys / DKIM.

In addition, the sender must be willing to make their information publicly available -- to gain your trust!


Don't know who is sending you the email? Forget when you subscribed for the email you just received?

KobeMail empowers you with transparency for your emails. Know who is sending you the emails. Get complete information on the people sending via the KobeCertified Profile. Click on the KobeCertified stamp, and get complete subscription details on when and where you subscribed.

Other salient advantages of receiving a KobeCertified mail are:

  • Receive only trusted email that you have opted-in for
  • Complete details of sender via KobeCertified Profile
  • Senders follow strict guidelines to send you emails
  • Real time unsubscribe option
  • Contact sender from the profile with questions, queries, or for more information
  • Access to senders terms of service and privacy policy
  • Never receive Fraudulent or Phishing emails from KobeCertified Senders