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Why Get KobeCertified?

Are you emails getting through to your targeted recipients?  Do you have the assurance that your mail will get delivered to the inbox? Are you considered an authenticated & reputable email sender? Can’t get through to your customers at Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN?

If you have answered “No” to any of the questions mentioned above; it is time for you to get KobeCertified®. Our highly experienced Delivery Assurance Team, state-of-the-art technology, strategic relationships with ISPs, and various authentication programs ensures maximum deliverability.

Upon receiving a KobeCertified status, all your emails will be stamped as Certified KobeMail, which will identify you as an authenticated and reputable sender.  Sit back and watch your campaigns get increased open and response rates via our real-time reporting interface.

Benefits of getting KobeCertified ?

Managed Deliverability

  • Automatically enrolled for Sender Score. We pay ALL associated fees!
  • Inherit KobeMail’s extremely well-maintained mail infrastructure
  • All required authentication requirements, such as SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys/DKIM are taken care of by KobeMail deliverability experts

Better Reputation

  • Whitelist/"Trusted Sender" Status at Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail at no cost
  • Dedicated IP address(es) that will build your sender reputation
  • Diligent campaign monitoring for compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations, with real-time updates when regulations change

Improved Results

  • Constant monitoring of email campaigns, to be alerted for any blocks on an ISP
  • Resolution with ISPs, with regard to abuse complaints and spam blocking
  • Increased open and responses. Complaint rates reduced to little or none

Surprised at the benefits and wondering what it costs to be KobeCertified? 

Absolutely nothing!  Our goal is to get customers who are willing to adhere to a high standard. Working with customers that care about their users and use good email practices to communicate with them, actually makes our job easier. It also ensures a high level of trust when users get an email delivered by us.   KobeCertified customers pay nothing extra!

Some of the other benefits for our customers:

  • No expensive hardware or software to buy/install
  • No hosting/bandwidth fees
  • No deliverability experts need to be hired in-house

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